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Opening, inauguration, private reception, cocktail, wedding anniversary…
Add a touch of class and luxury to your reception!
Precious moment, unique music!


Lounge, Jazzy, Classical and semi-classical, Waltz, Tango, Opera Theme, World Music (Spanish, Viennese, Italian, Mexican, Argentinean, Jewish, Russian, Gypsy, German, Greek, etc), Folklore Quebecois.


Solo, Duo, Trio, Quartet, Group – Static, Mobile

Between the current trend of a lounge or jazzy atmosphere, and the classical violin solo, Martin Verret offers a full range of themes for your receptions and cocktails: more than 2000 pieces from Quebec and international repertoires are on offer.The generally recommended formula is that of the mobile duo combining violin and guitar. It allows to vary the sound intensities while respecting the intimacy of the conversations of everyone. You want to add a touch of luxury? The double bass will enhance the sensibility of the trio.Martin Verret, appreciated in the biggest hotels of the old capital and elsewhere in the province, will bring the right note to your reception. No doubt you will come out charmed, you as your guests.

MojitoMartin Verret & François Couture
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