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For children, choirs, schools, neighbourhood parties, National Day, festivals…
Among the Verrets, the passion for the show has been passed on for 4 generations!

FamilyVerret Group (quatuor, quintet et plus)

The Verret family has occupied the landscape of true Québec traditional music for 4 generations. Today open to the world, their music combines virtuosity and variety. Their repertoire of more than 2000 pieces, interpreted from memory, offers us a journey where tradition, cultures of the whole world, and especially... atmosphere!

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Movie Music 

Martin Verret invites you to an interactive tour of the world of film music. Ideal to accompany a meal, this show focuses on an era, a country, or a particular theme. From “The Melody of Happiness” to “Red Violin” to “Titanic”, Martin Verret and his musicians evoke for you atmospheres painted in music to support the director’s intention. Each piece is put into context and Martin Verret’s lyrical flights take you to the very heart of “Music on screen”.


Classical Concert 

With a rich repertoire of experience and practice, Martin Verret will surprise you at the bend of a walking path, in a park or a garden. It will offer you a private break, for a moment or an afternoon, and will make you relive the classic atmosphere of parks and gardens that once surrounded the castles of the great ones of this world.


Sphow with animation for children 


Dance to the rhythm of our violin on traditional Quebec music. 

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